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New Blackjack feature on mobile – Bet Behind!

August 21, 2017

Ezugi is extremely excited to present a new Blackjack feature on mobile – Bet Behind!
Making the excitement of Blackjack available to more of your players using mobile devices.

Blackjack Bet Behind allows players to bet on the same hand as a seated player. Decisions made by the seated player apply to the Bet Behind player as well (according to the Settings options).

•    Optimized for mobile play – streaming in stunning HD with easy-to-navigate user interface.
•    Unlimited number of players can join a full table.
•    Seated players can bet behind another player as well, enhancing their experience.
•    Additional thrill for table players having other players bet behind them.
•    Predefined actions (through Settings tab)  to preserve round speed.

Blackjack Bet behind in Baltic Studio: