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Ezugi’s classic Roulette is based on the European (the most common) form, a 37-number wheel with a single zero. Ezugi Roulette features all of the most the familiar inside and outside bets as well as providing French bets, Voisins du zero (neighbors of zero), tiers (the third) and orphelins (orphans).

For operators Ezugi supply comprehensive limits management such as bet limit customization capabilities. Our goal is to provide a dynamic system which gives operators full control and enhances the experience for everyone.

Also featured on some Roulette tables is our multi-camera setup. This special configuration utilizes 3 cameras instead of the traditional 2, giving the player multiple views of the Roulette table. This makes for an altogether more immersive experience for players, which draws players further into the action.


  • Detailed Game History (Numbers, Hot/Cold Numbers, Recent Winners)
  • Multi-player (unlimited)
  • Video & audio controls
  • Live chat
  • Live support chat
  • Dealer tipping
  • Ability to play multiple games at once (shown as picture-in-picture)
  • Mini and nano games
  • Fully customizable limits & chips
  • Live music on demand
  • Multi-camera on select tables
  • Available in 6 different languages

Bet Options & Payout

This game offers the following betting options

  • Bet Type
  • Straight Up
    1 Number
  • Split
    2 Numbers
  • Street
    3 Numbers
  • Corner
    4 Numbers
  • Line
    6 Numbers
  • Column-Dozen
    12 Numbers
  • Red/Black
    18 Numbers
  • Even/Odd
    18 Numbers
  • 1-18/19-36
    18 Numbers


Desktop works with the Flash version of Client.
Mobile devices use the HTML5 version.

Integration Info

Game ID: 3
Baltic VIP Studio: 1 table

LATAM Studio: 2 tables
Eastern Europe Public Studio: 1 table

Please Note: Our Integration team will gladly assist you with deployment.

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